Social signals – shares and engagement such as likes, retweets, votes, and pins – indicate to search engines that consumers are interacting with and responding to your brand.

But are these signals a factor in your search rankings? While opinions are varied on the specific value they deliver, the prevailing wisdom is that there is a correlation that cannot be ignored. This correlation exists between your strong content, content with lots of engagement, and higher SEO rankings and domain authority.

The plus? If your content is strong enough to earn engagement from your audience, chances are it’s also good enough to get inbound links from other sources. (Thus, the authority status.) So, you see, content really is still king.

Regular posts – with consistent interaction on the part of the brand –  of good content is also being rewarded. Again, the higher rankings are the result of a logical path:

  1. Quality content on a regular basis creates an image of authority.
  2. Prompt, consistent interaction with the audience who engages, creates a connection.
  3. Perceived authority and connection result in brand loyalty.
  4. Those loyal followers become ambassadors, sharing and interacting more and more.
  5. More sharing and interacting result in higher SEO rankings.

Chicken or egg? It doesn’t really matter does it? The bottom line for your business is:

How appealing, informative and consistent is your content?

How prompt, helpful and consistent is your engagement with followers?

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