We have all had a one-way conversation where the other person’s attention is clearly not on you while you are speaking. It’s impolite and off-putting, isn’t it? On social media, you are asking customers to join your business online, thus inviting them into a conversation. Remember that conversations are a two-way street, so you’ll need to reply to those reaching out to you. A stagnant social page may give your customers a negative view of your company.

Responding to questions and comments on your company’s social media pages is extremely important to your relationship with your customers. Regularly monitoring your social pages will help you to interact in a timely fashion. It will also help you to establish the needs and wants of your customers, therefore resulting in a superior brand experience.

When your company provides customer service on social media, you’re able to connect with your audience in real time. This is beneficial to you because you can solve problems right away and see if there are any needs or wants to be fulfilled.

Building customer relationships that will last means being attentive and supportive in every situation. Give meaningful responses. Use this opportunity to go beyond the standard “please call us to resolve this issue” statement. Go a step further and customize your engagements with customers. This will show them that you care. Also, keep in mind that keeping consistent and active social profiles will assist you in building lasting relationships.

Whether someone is complaining or complimenting, usually they just want to be heard. Taking the time to listen and respond promptly lets your customers know that they are appreciated. Giving personal attention puts you in a position to maintain relationships and gain lifelong customers.

Do you maintain and monitor your social pages?