Reputation Management

In a world where social media and review sites rule, the question is not whether your business will have an online reputation, but rather . . .

Will you control and capitalize on the potential of your digital presence, or leave it up to the grumpy guy at Table 6 or the frazzled mom checking in as you read this?

Reputation management is the active and strategic practice of influencing and controlling a business’ perceived identity. At Global Marketing Solutions, we focus on how your brand is reflected in the digital world by shaping how and what is said online. Our team works diligently to ensure what your clients find online is compatible with your company’s identity.

Does your online reputation match your business’ brand? A disconnect between your brand and online image can create barriers to your growth.

Is your business new and just beginning to build an online presence? Or is your company seasoned and seeking to maintain or improve your digital identity? Organizations of every size and stage benefit from reputation management.

Once your business subscribes to Reputation Management services, the GMS team will:

  • monitor content on review sites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp and Zamato
  • monitor and respond to posts made on TripAdvisor, Yelp and Zamato
  • monitor blogs, forums and social media channels
  • report on activity daily, weekly or monthly
  • notify you immediately of issues requiring immediate attention
  • assist you with response, escalation plans, offline resolution and more

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