Facebook Business Manager. Creatives. Image-to-text ratios. Carousel ads. Custom audiences. Lead generation. Engagement. Optimizing. Conversions. Retargeting. Video ads. Instagram ads. Messenger ads…

The list of buzz words goes on an on. At GMS, we know and understand all the buzz words. And, we take the time to help you understand what they mean, which ones are important and how they benefit your company.

GMS is a Facebook Agency Marketing Partner. This means we have been vetted by Facebook and certified in helping advertisers get the most from their campaigns. We have dedicated team members with expertise in graphic design, writing, campaign management, analyzing results and reporting.

We’re also a certified Marin Social partner, meaning we possess in-depth experience managing small and large campaigns via a top third-party platform for social advertising. Benefit from our expertise with automatic campaign and ad optimization, testing capabilities, advanced analytics and more.

Our design team is well-versed in advertising creation that is specialized for the needed social channel. Contact us today. Let discuss your goals and objectives and create an advertising campaign specific to your business needs.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Great job you guys!!!!! I am thrilled with the results and I know they will get more robust in time. The newsletter openings etc., is especially exciting given the emails we’ll be sending later this year. Keeping the content interesting like you are doing ensures they will be opened later this year when we’ll really need the buzz!”

– Martha Mason, Trick Construction

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