We are pleased to offer a variety of video production services to our clients. Video is used on a wide variety marketing channels; Websites, Facebook, Instagram, and Television are just a few examples of where you find video today.

Selecting the proper grade and production quality of video will allow you to present your product in just the right way. Choosing the right fit can also offer savings in your marketing investment.

Do you need a highly polished slick video of television quality to be used on a YouTube site? Most likely not; it may be very pretty but it also can be very expensive. A social quality video can offer the same impact at a better rate.

Let GMS guide you through your video choices and select what is best for your budget, your product and your advertising channels.

GMS produces four levels of video:

  • Short-Form Videos
  • Social quality videos
  • High production video
  • Commercial grade/television

Short-Form Video

Best used for Facebook, Twitter, Website and mobile apps including: Vine, Instagram, etc. We have both branded and non-branded options.

  • Length of video 6-15 seconds
  • Specially formatted for use on various channels

Pricing: $125 ea.
Branding: +$40 ea.

Spontaneous Video--$110 each (no branding)

Social Quality Video

Social quality video can be produced with a musical sound track, with a voiceover in the background, branding (url, logo, phone #) and text overlays.

Best used for Website, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Musical Sound Track

  • Length of video between 60 and 90 seconds
  • GMS provides production, and posting to social sites
  • Includes single filming session, up to 2 hours
  • InVideo programming for YT (with programming tweak, we can link to your website from within the actual YouTube player.

Pricing: $475 ea.
Additional minutes: +$175 each additional minute.

Voice Over

  • Length of video between 60 and 90 seconds
  • GMS provides production, and posting to social sites

Pricing: $675
Additional minutes: $200 each additional minute

High Production Video

Best used for TV commercial or cable. High production video can have a musical background, voice over or a combination of the two.

Musical Sound Track

  • Length of video approximately 60 to 120 seconds

Pricing: $700 per minute, includes script, production, editing

Voice Over

  • Length of video approximately one minute - two minutes

Pricing: $800 per minute, includes script, production, editing

Commercial Grade Video

Commercial grade video ensures the use of television-level equipment, formal scripting, production etc. Let us quote your custom commercial video request.

  • Commercial production quality video with voice over
  • Length of video up 120 seconds
  • GMS will provide script, storyboard, production and editing

Pricing: $1500 per minute, additional minutes $1500 each

Volume pricing is available for all video options.