Social media is no longer a fringe part of the travel experience for most Americans. Social sites and mobile technology have changed how most travelers prepare for, experience and engage after a trip. In fact, traveler engagement dictates that social media’s role can’t be ignored by today’s travel industry. It is an integral element, from the inspiration phase through the review.

  • 30% of U.S. travelers report using social media to find trip inspiration. More than 50% of people like social media pages related to trips they are planning. (Source: Webpage FX)
  • 52% of Facebook users said that a friend’s travel photos have inspired their own travel plans. (Source: Webpage FX)

It’s no wonder Facebook has rolled out a new way to sell this trend, allow marketers to tap into its wealth of user information. The platform’s Trip Consideration tool allows travel advertisers to match Facebook’s users who have expressed interest in traveling to their target characteristics and present targeted ads to those users.

Trip Consideration is one of the many social media marketing tools out there. At GMS it is one of the many methods we research, test and review day in and day out for our travel and tourism clients. Raising awareness of a product or service early in the travel decision-making funnel can bring top of mind awareness and inspire consideration during the process.

And the inspiration phase is only the beginning for travelers on social media:

  • 74% use social media while on vacation.
  • 60% of those share photos while traveling – that jumps to 97% for Millennials.
  • 40% post hotel, attraction and restaurant reviews after their experience.

And of course, for any well-balanced plan we must consider all the other digital opportunities, including navigation apps, online booking engines, review sites and so much more. To talk about how to better target your digital and social media marketing program, get in touch with GMS. We’d love to strategize with you.