You know by now how important video is for effective social and online marketing. We began shouting it from the rooftops to our clients more than a year ago. Now everyone else is shouting it, too. While not everyone is using video to full potential, many (many, many, many!) more brands are.

Many GMS clients are employing video in a variety of forms including livestreaming, short format and fully produced content. The results have been positive for both viewership and engagement.

Que the changes. Good and bad. Here are just two examples, related to Facebook:

  1. Facebook now has an app just for video creators. Great resource, right? Do you think there will be advantages to those using their app?
  2. Facebook has announced a decision to push down organic content in favor of sponsored and boosted content. How will you maintain your reach?

These two Facebook examples are causing myriad questions and waves of change throughout the social media marketing landscape. These two. Do you know about the other changes? Messenger changes? Or changes on other effective social channels? Changes in Snapchat’s stories feature? The rise in digital gaming on YouTube?

Of course there will be changes right? Social media thrives on changes and brands that benefit from social media marketing have to change with it. Video is an obvious and probably most relevant example. At GMS, we plan knowing this. We spend time forecasting and preparing. When the changes come, we help our clients adjust and succeed. This requires employing the resources to research and stay abreast of the changes and what they mean, developing plans nimble enough to adapt and having the skills and technology in place to implement them.

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