Marketing is constantly evolving. In 2017 we’ve seen that evolution accelerate more than ever before in the social space. Changing target-market habits and changing technologies create new opportunities and require new strategies. Next year promises to be no different. To be effective, savvy marketers must again adjust. Global Marketing Solutions is working with clients to focus on these three strategies to get noticed and build customer engagement. We’ve touted them again and again. But it is valuable advice, worth repeating.

Mobile – The impact of mobile technology on marketing strategies continues. Research shows that in 2017, 95% of Americans now own a cell phone and 98% of text messages are opened. Implementing a mobile marketing strategy is no longer an option. It’s a necessity. In addition to  mobile-focused social platforms, SMS marketing services allow the use of target lists for text message marketing.

Visuals – Visuals, photography and – even more so – video continue to dominate the realm of successful engagement. Knowing the various platform strengths as well as the profiles of potential customers gives marketers a wide range of options to successfully deliver effective messages in a positive context. From high-quality, highly produced videos to live feeds to Snapchat stories and so much more, there is a space for any level of visual information.

Personalization – Both of the above strategies are ripe with personalization options. Repurposing content and retargeting customers to take advantage of platform strengths and CRM data is a strategy many brands are still missing out on or struggling with.

As consumers continue to be much more discerning and focused in their consumption of marketing messages, astute marketers must keep an eye on what’s coming next. GMS continues to work with clients to provide solutions to keep them on the leading edge in their marketing efforts. And GMS continues to return measurable results for its clients.