unnamedBlogging on a regular basis will establish your brand as the industry expert. However, consistently brainstorming new content for blog posts can be a daunting task. Are you fresh out of blog post ideas for your brand? Below, we’ve compiled a list of topics to help with your writer’s block.

1.) Assemble numbered lists. Whether they consist of top websites, products, resources or tips, lists serve as a resource guide for your readers.

2.) Report on a festival or event. Your readers want to stay in the know on happenings, so be informative.

3.) Get to know a local character. Search out interesting people in your area and write a get-to-know blog.

4.) Talk about trends. When you tell how things are evolving in your industry, you convey authority.

5.) Generate an infographic. Fact-filled, graphic posts tend to get a lot of shares on social networks.

6.) Tell the story of your origins. Write about why and how you started your business.

316199_10151949907152178_1601788815_n7.) Contests and giveaways. Start a regular contest or giveaway on holidays and other special occasions.

8.) Create a how-to guide. Provide a how-to framework that makes a task easy to read, understand and implement.

9.) Write tool or application reviews. Review and share the latest tools and apps that promise to make online life easier. For those with a blog focused on travel, review travel apps or even a restaurant.