On social media, videos stand out, giving your audience a quick overview of a product or service you offer. A video marketing campaign can help reach new consumers and make them loyal customers. It’s easier than ever to create fun videos at little to no cost, and businesses are finding new and inventive ways to use it to reach customers. But it’s still vital to have a carefully crafted plan for your video marketing activities. Below, we’ve listed four things your video marketing strategy should include.

Publishing Schedule – Just as you time your tweets and posts to run consistently, you’ll need to space the videos out evenly, timing them to lead up to a big product launch or event.

Short-Form Videos – Micro-video apps shorten videos to less than ten seconds, making them ideal for sharing on sites like Twitter and Instagram. Customers can view your message as they scroll through their social media feeds, especially on Vine and Facebook, where videos will automatically play as a user scrolls past.

Customer-Generated Content – Want an even better way to connect with customers? User-generated content is much  to generate a response than company-generated content, so put your customers behind the camera. You’ll be likely to get numerous enthusiastic responses if you offer a prize for the best video that showcases a use of your product or service.

Call to Action – The call to action can be something simple, like a coupon code for use on your website. A few words at the end of a video could lead to an increase of engagement from your followers and a conversion that otherwise would not have occurred. Do you have a video marketing plan set in place for 2015?