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Brand identity is made up of visible elements that, when put together, distinguish the brand in the consumer’s mind. A brand identity begins with your logo, but also includes the style of design, tone of voice, photos and colors that format your website, promotional materials and advertising. Consistency in everything produced by your business will generate an immediately recognizable brand.

Why should your company have a brand identity? GMS expert Julie May says, “Branding sets the tone for your company. It can convey whether you are trendy, edgy, modern or traditional. Through the voice and style of your branding, a customer can learn quite a bit about your company in one glance.” An outstanding brand will create both recognition and professionalism. With any form of communication that your company generates, your brand should be instantly identifiable to your customers. A professional brand assists in promoting your business as one that can be seen as trustworthy, which in turn means that it will be referred to others. This especially rings true for small businesses.

Why should you keep your branding fresh? Maintaining an up-to-date brand will demonstrate that you are a professional company that is adequately informed of the current trends. This will also ensure that your brand continues to mirror your company goals and mission. When you rebrand, it will permit your business to be seen in an alternative light, as well as focus on another product if desired.

Are you interested in updating your brand? To successfully change your identity, you’ll want to make certain that you do it in a way that won’t deem it unrecognizable by your loyal customers. Julie suggests that you start by investing in new photography for print materials and website sliders. To redesign your company logo effectively, you may opt to keep the main color, while adding one or two new colors to your palette. Another alternative would be to retain a comparable look and feel, while livening up the colors.

Is your brand identity up to par with the standards mentioned above? Tell us what you would do to change it in our comments section below.