10420363_10153718854152178_4634236449162642783_nA mobile strategy should involve more than just a mobile-friendly website. Are you under the impression that only big-name brands should have mobile apps? While that may have been true in the past, the number of midsize and small businesses developing their own app is starting to rise.

According to GMS expert Julie May, “A mobile app should give your users something more than they can get on your mobile website. Think about what features might entice users to your app again and again, then plan how you can include them in a user-friendly way.”

So why is it beneficial for your business to build its own mobile app? We’ve listed six reasons you should be jumping on the mobile bandwagon in order to take your marketing to the next level in 2016.

  • Visibility – Studies show that consumers are spending an average of two hours a day on their mobile devices. Having an app to represent your company will make your business more visible, therefore building brand recognition.
  • Accessibility – An app provides users with one-click access to your company. This will allow your customers to garner information about your company, including products and details.
  • Push notifications – This feature will notify a user of new messages or events when the user is not actively using your app. Because they will have this information right at their fingertips, it will permit you to easily make your customers aware of specials or news that pertains to your business. This gets you closer to a direct interaction with them.
  • Customer loyalty – One way to start cultivating a loyalty to your brand is through an app with great features. Succeed at making this app user-friendly and you’ll bring users back repeatedly.
  • Stand Out – If you’re the first small business in your area to develop your own app, you’ll take a giant leap ahead of your competition. Your customers are bound to be impressed with your forward-thinking approach.
  • Offline – An app will work with no internet connection, so your business can still reach users, even if the user is offline due to spotty internet service.

Mobile has now emerged as a necessity for users, developers and businesses alike. Users who once only browsed websites now do so on their mobile devices. Hence, it would be desirable for you to move with the changing times and adapt to the latest mobile technologies.

Have you started building your own business app? Tell us what benefits you’ve seen so far since you’ve developed it.