Global Marketing Solutions (GMS), has built a reputation early on as social media strategists. We are known for researching, effectively implementing and evaluating social media marketing programs. To continue to do that, we must stay in tune to current trends as well as new developments.

Those developments many times seem like the very platforms we use effectively are punishing us for our success. Instead of walking away, GMS clients have opportunities to develop new strategies and get out in front of the changes. Here are the top challenges we’re dealing with for our clients so far this year.

Finding sustainable solutions to declining organic reach. Video has done yeoman’s work in drawing viewers for brands. New algorithms provide new challenges, creative, strategic and budgetary, for those brands to consider.

Keeping pace with changing algorithms and platform innovations. Organic reach is the elephant in the room, because of its direct impact on budgets, but there are changes, advancements and opportunities across the social media spectrum. Some of those changes can be key to a platform’s effectiveness for a particular brand.

Proving the ROI of strategies. Even when implementation goes flawlessly, effective measurement of your success is crucial. New tactics employed to meet platform changes are especially important to evaluate.

The GMS strategic and social teams work diligently for and with our clients to provide value and success from their social media marketing efforts. That success is built on

  • Clear, measurable goals
  • Research and planning
  • Effective cross-channel strategies
  • Repurposing of content
  • Real-time monitoring and engagement

The result for our clients is cost-efficient solutions that work. We accept that organic reach is declining, algorithms are changing and measurement is difficult. For GMS, that means working toward the new and next opportunities that exist. We’re seizing those opportunities for our clients and building sustainable strategies.

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