Brand AmbassadorsA brand ambassador is a spokesperson for your company, one who can help build your business by building brand awareness. Once you obtain these ambassadors, they will use and talk about your brand in a positive and relatable way, preferably to a large audience. So where are they and how do you find them?

Before you can have brand ambassadors, you need customer relationships. You must first get to know your customers before you can expect to build a relationship with them. This may first lead you to take a thorough look at your customer base to pinpoint those who are the most loyal.

We live in a social media world, so that’s an ideal place to begin. You’ll find a sizeable audience with significant engagement. Start by following their social pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as their personal blogs. Scan through their posts to see what kinds of content they are sharing, which products or personalities they are retweeting, or what topics they are talking about. This casual browsing offers key insights into the kind of customer who is already talking about your business or your product.

An excellent brand ambassador is one who represents the culture and values of your company. Once you are familiar with your more vocal customers, it’s a good idea to start engaging with them in conversations. Ask their opinions on your product or other products that they like.

Companies should even go one step further and establish a personal relationship with the bloggers. They can be opinion leaders and also opinion brokers. Direct access to bloggers is in huge demand, not only from a PR perspective, but also for access to immediate product feedback.

With a single post, an influential blogger can shape social media chatter and alter public opinion. This is exactly what you’re looking for when developing a brand ambassador program, or looking to reach out and make connections.

Just as customers and bloggers will positively promote your business through their networks and blogs, make sure to mention them as well. Regularly network online by liking or commenting on their posts, sharing their photos, or tagging them in your own posts. This will lead you down a two-way street of respect, which will go a long way in developing a solid relationship with those who are representing your brand.

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