Blogs, social media posts and videos all work to answer questions and intrigue your consumer, but these technologies are always changing, making it necessary to adjust our tactics as well.

Shockingly, many searches can now be completed without a screen or a keypad. Customers can hold a button down and ask an ephemeral guide to direct them to a place to eat dinner that night. And they often do. Search data shows that a growing number of customers are asking for such information right now.

How can you capitalize on this trend? One of the key differences between voice search and a search done through text is the conversational tone of the voice search. They’re often longer than searches performed with a keypad, and they also often involve a question. For this reason, posing a question and following it up with an answer surpasses articles that are merely keyword-based.

Consider the who, what, when, where, why and how of things. Are there any other common ways to phrase a question? Think of your ideal customer and how they speak. This is how you want to speak to them when writing voiced content for your brand.