Vine is a mobile app which enables users to create and add short video clips which repeat on a loop. The app allows for 6-seconds of filming before videos can be shared on Vine and other social channels, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Vine is for businesses that are targeting the young demographic between the ages of 13-25. The business that uses Vine is very trendy, and creative, and likes to be on top of social media trends. Vine users want their messages out there in a very short and quick form, because that is what our society wants.

Use Vine to provide behind-the-scenes glimpses into your company. Share snippets that feature your company and its people. This is a great way to do something other than promote services and products. You could do a quick tour of the office or introduce a new employee. Your employees can also have fun with it!

Use the app to showcase how to use your product or service. Vine provides an outlet for short, how-to videos for products. You can also show a new, unorthodox way of using an old product. Lowe’s does an excellent job with its Vines, using #LowesFixInSix. Get some great inspiration watching the Lowe’s Vine lineup home improvement tips. They are able to give us this information via video clip in six seconds.

Another great way to use Vine is to tease the public about a new product launch. For consumer goods retailers, this can be a really exciting and creative way to showcase your wares. It will get your potential buyers interested in learning more about your new product.

If you’re ready to add Vine to your social media marketing plan, download the Vine app, and get started today! How will you be using it to promote your company?