With 187 million active users generating 10 billion daily views, Snapchat continues to show its strength as a powerhouse among social networking platforms. For marketers looking to talk to teens, it is the strongest player in the game and the numbers cannot be ignored.

Top Social Networks for Teens*

  • Snapchat         16.4 M
  • Instagram        12.8 M
  • Facebook        11.5 M
  • Pinterest          5.7 M
  • Twitter                        4.9 M

*Users 12-17, on any device at least once a month.
Source: eMarketer, August 2018

Snapchat is clearly the social network of choice among teens, moving passed Facebook in 2016, maintaining a lead over Instagram and still climbing in user growth. It’s estimated that 71% of Gen Z use Snapchat as part of their daily routines, with 51% of this group on the platform 11 times each day. Forecasts predict this trend to continue through 2022. And while Snapchat is known for its popularity with teens, its market penetration is spreading among young adults and older generations as well.

Snap is offering plenty of access to a young, active market if brands are willing to invest. Of course, this young market isn’t a top priority for everyone, but if it has value for you, Snapchat is the place to be on the social media landscape.

This is an excellent platform for building interest and connecting, with the “personality” of your brand shining through.

Here are our top five tips to make it work for you:

1.) Promote your Snapchat account on other marketing channels. To be successful, you need followers and if you have built a following on other platforms, put those channels to work for you. Promote the Snapchat channel there with teases of announcements, coupons or inside information that will only be shared on Snapchat.

2.) Be relevant, authentic, engaging. One great way to do this is through video. Entrepreneur.com describes the value this way: “One of the unique benefits of Snapchat is that it gives you permission to create low-budget, informal videos. Letting them see you ‘behind the scenes,’ where you might be unpolished, will help build a deeper relationship over the long term.”

3.) Create a filter. Snapchat users love lenses and filters, the more creative, the better. They will take, manipulate and share their selfies selflessly, all the while showcasing your message with each Snap!

4.) Reciprocate, converse and share. Ask users to post and share and to allow you to do the same. Repost their content as part of your stories, contests or in an ongoing brand strategy for interaction.

5.) Be part of a takeover. Find influencers to take over your brand for a day. This gives you a trusted third party to sing your praises and promote your brand. Conversely, it there’s a like-minded business out there you’d like to partner with, take over their account for the day. This gives you access to their followers and aligns you with a brand they already connect with.

These are just a start. Snapchat offers many more ways to be creative and engaging, which is exactly why its users are loyal to the platform. It’s an outlet that offers flexibility and fun and can be an excellent way to connect to a young audience in new ways.

As with any other element of a marketing plan, Snapchat use should be part of an overall strategy. GMS works with clients to build a social media marketing strategy integrating campaigns across numerous platforms. With a marketing team like ours at your side, integrating Snapchat to reach a young audience can help build a new generation of customers.