According to Business Insider, Generation Z (Gen Z) refers to the generation of people born between 1996-2010, after millennials. This generation has been raised in the technology age. They have known of the internet and social media from an early age. Most of the older people in this generation have already graduated from college or will be graduating within the next year or so.

Gen ZGen Z is the largest generation, making up over 27% of the US population. It is also the youngest and most diverse group of people. Many Gen Z’ers share similar outlooks on social and political issues, with the older generation, Millennials. They are more open-minded than any other generation before. Gen Z has been supportive of monumental movements like Black Lives Matter, feminism, and transgender rights.

This generation had cell phones when they were pre-teens and primarily use social media and texts to communicate on a daily basis. They use streaming services instead of outdated cable and want to view content easily from their cell phones.

So, how do you reach a generation that is so drastically different from any other?

Here are a few new strategies that companies are creating, from RevLocal :

  1. You need to know Gen Z’s buying power and it is significant
  2. Traditional Marketing Methods will not work with this generation
  3. Remember Gen Z loves quick and easy content that they can access from anywhere
  4. Gen Z is all about social media, but remember to use each one differently
  5. Be an inspiration! This generation is all about making a positive impact

Generation Z is so different from other generations. The only way to reach this generation is to think differently and market to them in a totally new way. Just how social media is changing constantly so is Gen Z. Finding a way to appeal to the biggest generation of our time will make or break your company.

Check out Business Insider for a more in-depth look at this amazing generation!