UltimateGoalIn the early stages of social media (just about 10 short years ago), it was enough to create an account on the social channel of your choice and expect “them” to find you.

It was a fun, new way of connecting with your current and potential clients. You could share pretty pictures and send your followers any message you desired. “We can let people know all about our brand” was stated over and over again. There was little measurement, metrics were not openly discussed, and reporting was limited. But that was in the beginning.

Fast forward to today. There are hundreds of social media platforms available to those who want to share, search, look at and engage. The competition is strong to get the attention of a viewer, and even stronger to keep their attention once you are found on a social media channel.

There are many KPIs to determine ROIs and success. Each marketing manager needs to set his or her own measurable results.

Why is engagement your highest priority?

Success, no matter how defined, begins with engagement.

  • Engagement leads to retention.
  • Engagement leads to growth.
  • Engagement helps the customer realize your value.
  • Engagement leads to achieving your marketing goals.

A high level of engagement results in stickiness to your website and your product, which leads to a high retention rate, which leads to consumer activity. All steps lead to success. But the first step is always creating engaging content.

If your followers/fans are not engaged with your content they will not perform any of your established goals. Goals (metrics) may include:

  • Consumption – how many people viewed, downloaded or listened.
  • Sharing – how often content was shared, retweeted, repinned, tagged, etc.
  • Lead Generation – how often the content resulted in a lead.
  • Sales – how much money, if any, came from this content.

Once engaged, do it again, and then again. Analyze your results and tweak your content to improve engagement.

What have you found to be most engaging to your customers?