YouTube is enjoying continued growth as an effective marketing tool. While many marketers are under the impression that short videos are what appeal to a majority of consumers, that statement might not be entirely true. Statistics show that people are spending a significant amount of time watching longer videos, leading consumers to platforms such as YouTube that can handle the larger files.

The connection between lengthy videos and consumer interest stems from a desire for valuable content. Consumers believe that short videos, while perhaps entertaining, cannot provide the deeper, well-presented information they seek.

Knowing that YouTube is growing as an effective marketing tool, how can businesses best utilize it?

  1. Run ads: Stretch your budget by running your ads on YouTube. The average YouTube cost-per-view is between 10 and 30 cents, which is remarkably less expensive than other social media platforms.
  1. Connect with consumers via emotionally engaging presentations: YouTube is the home base for a multitude of creators and fans across the world. Marketers need to pay close attention to how consumers use the platform, then learn how to best appeal to the target market through the platform.
  1. Create more educational content: Marketers should not shy away from making their content informative and detailed. It’s worth it to invest extra time in creating strategic content rather than quick and flashy infotainment. Producing reliable, educational videos will help you cultivate a loyal audience.
  1. Involve consumers through your videos: Invite your audience to share responses in the video comments. Present a Q&A video based on real inquiries from your customers. These products not only lead to consumers spending more time on your channel, they also subtly provide additional buy-in to your brand.

Are you using YouTube as a marketing tool? Do you have suggestions for those interested in pursuing a video presence? Share your tips below!