snapchatmarketingSnapchat is a fun, engaging social media platform where users are really open about their lives and experiences in the moment. The social network has been making headline news, which has also helped make it a household name. If you haven’t already added Snapchat to your marketing efforts, you could be missing out on great opportunities. It’s an ideal platform for conducting market research, especially for consumer products or services.

It’s hard to deny the social, cultural and financial impact of 100 million daily active users. There’s a reason why brands are clamoring to get on Snapchat: It matters to their audiences. This alone should tell you why you can’t afford to dismiss Snapchat as something that’s not for business.

One-on-One Basis – Snapchat enables you to send content directly to your individual followers. As long as they are following you, you as a business have the power to send messages directly to them. By having one-on-one interactions, you are humanizing your brand.

Reach the Younger Audience – Snapchat is by far the most effective way to stay in touch with Millennials, and this trend is not going anywhere. If your business or product targets this age group, you need to establish a Snapchat audience to stay competitive. It should be considered part of the social media marketing mix for generating brand awareness and engaging with a younger audience.

Show a Behind-the-Scenes Look – Snapchat knows the importance of taking people behind the scenes of your company. It’s a way to build an immensely strong following and to engage with your audience. Tell a story about your brand by using the Snap Stories feature. These stories can feature behind-the-scenes glimpses into your business. Try posting a few photos in a group to generate excitement for an upcoming event or show the outcome of a project you’re wrapping up.

How are you using Snapchat to promote your business?