Multiple project opportunities came our way in 2015 and we are proud of each and every one.

GMS Founder and CEO April Boone states, “What makes a project successful? At GMS, we believe that meeting and exceeding our clients’ goals is what defines success. In order for that to happen, the relationship has to include open communication, a depth of understanding of those goals, and an ongoing plan that details how to accomplish them.”

Below we’ve listed five of our highly effective projects this past year.

• Brett/Robinson Vacations is a local rental company on the beaches of Alabama. GMS had tremendous success on Facebook using Custom Audiences. The first task was importing email lists in various segments to Facebook and Twitter, while performing analysis on those lists. Next, we matched those audiences to promotional offers. By using this data, we achieved a high ROI/conversion rate throughout the year.


 Share the Beach is a local program dedicated to protecting endangered sea turtles by educating the public about keeping our beaches clean. This year, GMS launched an intricate and interactive database website for them, which required meeting federal government requirements for tracking and protecting these turtles. We’re meeting the needs of the hard-working volunteers as well as the government agencies involved in managing the volunteer programs and tracking data.


• This fall, Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism launched the Stay in Alabama program. This innovative campaign is aimed at encouraging Alabama residents to travel and vacation within the state, specifically to the Alabama Gulf Coast beaches. GMS featured the reasons to stay in Alabama with a vigorous campaign on social media, lively Twitter chats, numerous blogger sweepstakes, and three thrilling videos. The result has been a tremendous success as far as engagement with Alabamians.


• GMS client Original Oyster House is a company with two local seafood restaurants. We partnered with them on the Not2Crabby promotion: When customers dined at Original Oyster House, they were given and encouraged to sport their Not2Crabby hat while posing for a selfie. Their entries were posted on social channels and the promotion garnered excellent enthusiasm and engagement from existing and potential customers.


• GMS worked with Georgia Tourism on the Navigate Media sweepstakes program in 2015. This was a hefty project that included activities on social media, registration for a new website, and paid promotion on both Google and Sweeps Advantage. We developed and delivered a comprehensive program for Navigate, which led to substantial traffic to the registration site, as well as thousands of email addresses for the Georgia Tourism newsletter. The 2016 version of this program will include additional elements.


When GMS partners with a client on a certain project, we work hard to ensure that it’s a prosperous one for their business. According to April, “The single most important element contributing to these successful projects is effective communication between GMS and the client, and from the client to the customer.”

How many projects launched by your business in 2015 were a success? The GMS team is ready to assist you in raising the bar in 2016. Contact us today for more information about our services.