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New media changes continuously; it’s understandable if it feels overwhelming at times. Now’s the time to kick up your skill set and get a solid grasp on what’s new by enrolling in Social Media University, a Global Marketing Solutions course series brought to you by Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism.

This fall’s SMU class is going ninja on social media and Google analytics. Navigating numbers and understanding how to use them is essential in today’s digital marketing arena. The senseis at Global Marketing Solutions are bringing their best moves to the Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism partners for a boot camp that’ll knock their socks off.

Class Schedule

Social and Google Analytics Boot Camp
Friday, Oct 6
9 a.m.
Gulf Shores Welcome Center Conference Room
Cost: $125 per student

In this class, industry partners will gain hands-on instruction on setting up a Google Analytics account. In addition, students will gain instruction on the following:

Google Analytics

  • Navigating Google Analytics
  • Glossary of Google Analytics Term
    Learn the difference between a user and a session, as well as popular terms such as page views and bounce rates.
  • Defining Your Audience
    Where are they, how long are they on your site, what device are they using and are they repeat visitors.
  • Acquisition
    Learn how you are acquiring visitors. Is it through organic search, direct, referrals, social networks or AdWord campaigns?
  • Campaigns
    Learn how to setup campaigns using the URL Builder and track website traffic from other marketing efforts.
  • Behavior
    Learn which pages are most popular among visitors to you site, as well as how fast your site is and how to track events.

Social Media

  • Why is it important to know your social audience?
  • What metrics you should track within your social media platforms?
  • How to measure social media success with Google Analytics.
  • How to add Google Analytics tags to social media links for tracking.
  • UTM Tag Performance Reporting
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