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How a Twitter Chat Creates Buzz for Your Brand

Everyone loves when there’s good buzz circulating about their destination or brand. Word of mouth is essential in a company’s marketing strategy.

Few people sit on their front porches chatting it up with their neighbors, sharing stories like they did 50 years ago. Today’s word of mouth and personal testimonies happen online. Conversations are happening all over social media and blog sites. You won’t find “Word of Mouth” on your marketing budget spreadsheet, but you should find a line item for “Social Media” or “Digital Influencers.”

More and more companies and DMO’s are giving their social marketing a boost by hosting Twitter […]

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Tips for Social Post Success

SocialPostAn effective digital marketing strategy is obtained when you have efficient content that captivates an audience. Content marketers should use carefully crafted posts that are attention-grabbing, up-to-date, informative and relevant.

Writing successful social posts is a skill that lies in being able to attract the audience with a powerful statement or question, and giving a clear direction on what you want them to do next – which, in many cases, leads them to click a link to more information.

“Social media success starts with developing an effective content strategy,” states GMS social expert Jessica […]

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