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Seven Tips for Writing Effective Blogs

GMS 2Creating successful blog content is more than pecking out 400 words on a computer screen. Effective content provides valuable information to your readers. Depending on your brand’s focus and voice, exceptional content will elicit an emotion from your readers. Below are seven tips to help you master the art of blog writing.

  1. Captivate your target audience. Keep your readers engaged by knowing exactly what will resonate with them as it pertains to your business. Write your blog in a conversational tone while avoiding the over usage of words and phrases. For […]
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Why Live-Streaming Events Is Beneficial to Your Business

GMS 1Have you used any of the live-streaming apps or sites available now? If you have, you know that live-streaming video is fantastic for real-time audience engagement. But what other benefits can your company enjoy?

Generate a Bigger Audience

Any event has geographical and physical restrictions, no matter the location. Streaming your event live on the web makes it accessible to a worldwide audience, which means attendance will exceed any capacity limitations a physical event would have. Don’t forget to reference your brand name throughout the broadcast, while using suitable titles and hashtags.

“Live-streaming is […]

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