How to Best Use Hashtags on Various Networks

Hashtags can now be used on almost every well-known social network, but there are definite benefits of using them on some networks over others. In addition, there is a “best way” to make hashtags work for you on certain social media platforms. Keep reading to learn how to make the most of your hashtag usage.

Know the hashtag-to-engagement statistics: Many individuals are under the impression that adding more hashtags to their social content will immediately lead to an increase in engagement, but reality tells us differently. For both Twitter and Facebook, statistics show that the greater the number of hashtags (anything […]

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How Slack Can Strengthen Your Business

What exactly is Slack? Slack is a cloud-based tool intended to be the center of workplace collaboration. Integrated with other products your organization uses, the goal is to simplify communication within your company, therefore increasing productivity and efficiency. Slack can also be seen as an email replacement, operating as a group messaging app by allowing individuals to communicate quickly and directly while forgoing the pains of composing emails.

Now that you understand what Slack is, we’ve listed for you a few of the immediate benefits that the tool can have on your company.

  1. Slackbot: Slackbot is a tool that allows individuals […]
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