Top Three Social Media Trends – And Your Relevance

For social media marketers, it’s a jungle out there. Amid the continuing challenges of the decline of organic reach across the board, fatigue resulting from more, more, more tools and tactics, and ever-changing challenge of social media ROI metrics, the landscape can look daunting. As we continue to navigate for our clients, GMS always has an eye forward for what’s next.

Here are the top trends GMS clients are addressing this year. The challenge in each area is the same: Staying real and relevant. There’s an old saying about good advertising being the best way […]

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Social Content and Search Rankings

Social signals – shares and engagement such as likes, retweets, votes, and pins – indicate to search engines that consumers are interacting with and responding to your brand.

But are these signals a factor in your search rankings? While opinions are varied on the specific value they deliver, the prevailing wisdom is that there is a correlation that cannot be ignored. This correlation exists between your strong content, content with lots of engagement, and higher SEO rankings and domain authority.

The plus? If your content is strong enough to earn engagement from your audience, chances are it’s also good enough to get […]

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