We’ve got a list a mile long of digital tools we use, but when your tools start to outweigh your toolbox, there’s a problem. Take a look at some of our favorite software heavyweights that can help you hit the easy button so you can do more work with less effort!

Manage your digital business listings

Software as a service (SaaS) providers like Yext and Moz Local help area businesses convey reliable information to customers regarding your business hours, location, contact information and more. They also provide one place where all of your information can be pushed to multiple users at once. Closing early for the day? No problem. Those changes are easy with these types of software. They also provide a simpler way to monitor brand sentiment and respond to reviews.

Manage your social media scheduling and reporting

Some social media tools offer reliable reporting metrics along with the capability to schedule to various networks from one dashboard. Companies such as Hootsuite, Social Report, and Sprout save time when tending multiple social media networks or even multiple brands. Social listening is another tool available through some of these programs.

Manage your production schedule

Smartsheet, Basecamp, Asana, and Trello are all top project management tools with varying, but similar, capabilities. You can easily pass information back and forth among teammates, keep track of tasks, set up automatic notifications for automated workflows once tasks are complete, and more!

Our favorite tools are the ones that keep us organized and make our lives simpler. Do you have a favorite software that your team relies on? Share it in the comments!