Instagram is known as a platform that allows for and actually feeds on, individuality, visual creativity and personal (or brand) style. Its huge audience has now made it the leading the social platform for Stories. While Instagram stories are great fun, they are emerging as a tool with strategic benefits for marketers. Let’s look at why:

  • Every day, 200 million people tune in to watch Instagram stories. It has surpassed Snapchat by far and is one of the fastest growing platforms out there.
  • Instagram stories are discoverable, meaning people who aren’t following you can still search for or stumble upon your stories through hashtags and @ mentions. That’s a great way to add to your audience.
  • Accounts with 10,000 or more followers can use links in Instagram stories to drive awareness or even sales.
  • Tagging others in your stories can strengthen relationships and extend your exposure.
  • Instagram stories can result in Direct Messages from fans and clients, offering another way to engage more personally.
  • Stories can be downloaded and saved for future use or saved to Highlights where they can exist permanently.
  • There’s no “best time” to post, because they stick around for 24 hours.

These factors clearly show that incorporating Instagram stories can be a valuable social media strategy. And while ROI can be difficult to measure with ephemeral content, it is measurable with Instagram stories. Taps forward, backward, exits and replies are ways to measure an Instagram story’s success.

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